Mandala Art:

Originating in the Himalayan region, early in the 11th century, the Art of the Mandala has grown and spread around the world. Perhaps due to C G Jung, whose analysis of the unconscious, led to symmetric shapes similar to Buddhist Mandalas drawing fascination in the west.

Today we can find a large and diverse variety of Mandalas all over the globe, varying from contemporary art to a more classic Mandala.

Traditional Buddhist Mandala Art:

In this gallery you will find {Thangkas} and therefore the Mandalas will be more traditional. In Buddhist Art they are either geometric representation of the Universe or an ensemble of deities with the main representation in the center. These are what you call {Meditation Mandalas} used by practitioners as an object of focus.

Choose wisely

We have chosen a variety of unique Mandalas from our collection, each piece of art is carefully photographed to give you a close look at the painting itself. Each Mandala should be carefully examined and understood, we will always reply to your questions!

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