who Are we ?


Having grown up in my father shop in Basantapur, constantly surrounded by Thangkas, my passion for these paintings began at an early age. My father’s dedicated work with Buddhist art and artists, has led me to strive to continue his work procuring high quality original Thangkas and serving the artist community in Nepal.

Thangka Mandala Buddhist Art Gallery was established in France in 2019, as an effort to try to export this traditional art to a broader audience. This website presents the art of Thangka as I have come to understand and see it. 


Ratna Kazi SHAKYA

Having begun dealing with Thangkas at a very young age, Ratna established Kumari Thangkas in 1979, and has since become one of the most respected collectors of Thangka art in Nepal. Respected by many of the Valleys senior artists for the financial help as well as Ratna's ability to improve and nuture talent;

His unique approach of passing on all his knowledge in order to help artists understand the messages behind thangkas and respect the deep traditions and techniques that have existed for centuries.

Kumari Thangkas

Almost all the Thangkas here are from Kumari Thangkas. This collection is considered to be a unique record of the evolution of Thangka art in Nepal over the last century. “Lonely Planet” and “le Guide du Routard” recommend visiting our gallery in Kathmandu, on account of our extensive knowledge on Thangka art and our unique ability to explain the vast symbolism it holds.

Our gallery was located in the heart of Kathmandu Durbar Square, Nepal. The building was extensively damaged during the earthquakes in April and May 2015. We are fortunate that none of the paintings were damaged as a result of these devastating events.


Thangka Art & Nepal

Nepal has been a hub of Asian Culture & Art for centuries. Our rich artistic tradition goes back over a millennia and has strongly influenced Buddhist Art. Unfortunately, recent socio-political and economic events and the devastating earthquakes of 2015 have somewhat crippled the country and created a decline in opportunities for up and coming artist to see a future in their art. Some have already left the country, opting to give up art and work labor jobs in the middle-east.

Over the years we have taken care to cultivate a strong and healthy relationship with many artists in the region. Helping them to further master their art by providing them with a platform on which they can rely.

Through this website each of us has the opportunity to help these artists, and prolong this beautiful tradition and more importantly connect with the deep spiritual world depicted in these Thangkas.