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  1. Sending sunshine to Nepal!
    Ratna, what a wonderful website.

    The 3 Thangkas which came with me on my way from your place in Kathmandu.
    Now they are hanging still, peaceful and shining at our walls in Berlin – Germany.

    My time in India and Nepal is written in my heart – for all times.

    Love and Light,


  2. It has been quite a journey. 51 days of trekking in eastern Nepal including fantastic views of Chomolungma (Everest). In Namche Bazaar I found a book by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa’s son, Jamling entitled “Touching my Father’s Soul”. I was moved by the reverence with which Jamling and Tenzing had approached Chomolungma. The roots of their attitude lay in their Buddhist faith and in this instance, in Myolangsangma, one of the 5 long life sisters and protector of Chomolungma. If only we in the west could approach our wilderness with such respect and grace. Jamling reports that Tenzing had a thangka of Myolangsangma in his prayer room in Darjeeling and a photo insert in his book portrays such a thangka.

    So even after 51 days of trekking my journey is not yet over. Bouncing from thangka shop to thangka shop in Kathmandu I enquired as to where I could find such a thangka. No one had ever heard of Myolangsangma though I was enthusiastically presented with many alternatives –until I met Ratna Sakya of Kumari Thangkas. He knew of Myolangsangma and offered his best artist to custom paint a thangka for me. Ratna and I clicked from the beginning and I am so impressed with his passion and knowledge of Thangkas. An exquisite thangka of Myolangsangma now adorns my cabin home in the Purcell Mountains of Canada.

    Of course, my journey will never end. But I certainly thank Ratna for helping me along the way.

    Gary Diers
    Argenta, BC Canada

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