Quick History of Pauba Art:

Nepal is considered the epicenter of Pauba Art, as it originated and was crafted in the Kathmandu Valley, the word Pau-Bha is Newari for painted-roll. Two type of Pauba exist: Palas and Mandala. Where a Palas depicts a God or Goddess.

Nepal had always been a center of excellence for all Buddhist Art, and it is truly everywhere you go. Pauba Art since evolved with the arrival of acrylics, and different canvas types. As Pauba art evolves, it creates new forms Buddhist Art.

Collection of Pauba Thangkas

You will find a small collection of Pauba art, each piece is of exceptional quality, as it has painted by a single artist, who will often spend months on a single painting. There are both classical Paubas and more contemporary Paubas.


The paintings in this collection represent a variety of Hindu and Buddhist Deities, please be sure to check the origin of the painting.

When browsing through the gallery, you will easily distinguish the two!

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