Established in Nepal in 1979, we have been providing quality Thangkas to customers all over the world for 35 years. In that time, we collected a number of beautiful paintings, organised in the same way that Thangkas are classified :
Peaceful Deities, Wrathful Deities and Yidams. We have also added a section for the popular motifs of the Wheel of Life and the Life of Buddha.
Buddhism and its message of compassion has progressively spread around the world.  Thangkas, Mandalas and Paubas have played their part by providing a beautiful visual support to those who explore this philosophy. Each section of the website contains a simple and complete description of the iconography and some of the basic concepts that the imagery is trying to depict.

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Over the years we have built a strong and healthy relationship with many artists, allowing us to nurture their talent and expand their style and palette. This makes us one of the few places where you can custom order a Thangka to fit your budget and needs !

Just a few simple steps and you can start your Thangka today.