Kumari Thangkas

Kumari Thangkas – Art Gallery in Kathmandu

Kumari Thangkas is situated in Hanumandhoka opposite the Big Bell (Thulo Ghanta) which is located at the heart of Kathmandu Durbar Square, Nepal.

Our Gallery in Kathmandu, Nepal
Our gallery in Kathmandu Durbar Square

Our Gallery is in a  Malla Palace build in the 15th century and recognized as a World Heritage site by the United Nations.

Ratna Kazi in his Gallery
Mr. Ratna Kazi Shakya

Proprieter, Curator and Shopkeeper

Run by Mr. Ratna Kazi Shakya an expert, with over 30 years of experience in the field of the Buddhist Art of Thangka. Having worked with Thangkas for so many years his Thangka collection has gained notoriety and has previously been displayed in various parts of Europe, notably France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.


Thangka collectioners, amateurs and admirers…

Kumari Thangkas has a large variety of Thangkas, Mandalas and Paubas. Working with only the best Artists,Materials and Techniques we create beautiful, unique high quality Thangkas, painted by master artists, aided by Mr. Ratna Kazi Shakya’s considerable knowledge of Buddhist Iconography.

Exhibitions – To come

A small part of this collection will be displayed this summer during the 1st Himalayan Festival at the Musée Raymond Lafage, which is situated at l’Isle sur Tarn, France.

We will mostly be exposing brocaded paintings, which are brocaded in the traditional style and resemble the paintings one might see in a Monastery. We will also be displaying a small amount of framed paintings from my private collection; they cannot be brocaded for fear of damaging the painting.

The paintings are painted for the most part in the various districts of Nepal, and some in the Kathmandu Valley itself.

We hope you will join us and get an insight on the Buddhist Art of Thangka, perhaps Participate in great acts of Dharma to leads you further in your Spiritual Journey.

Kumari Thangka Art Gallery
A small step... to greater Wisdom

We are also actively involved with the following religious institutes and charities:

  • Annapurna Bhandara: Located in Pashupatinath,Kathmandu this ashram feeds hundreds of people three meals a day in the Annapurna Devi temple.
  • Anandakuti Vihar: A Newari Buddhist monastery, Swayambhunath
  • Kopan Monastery: Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Kathmandu

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