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Welcome to Thangka Mandala !

Kumari Thangkas Gallery at Night

Thangka-Mandala is an e-Gallery recently created, by @Satcheen, as an effort to make a simple and visual approach to understanding the vast pantheon of Buddhist deities there exists. Creating a safe place to buy a Thangka, find concise information on the Thangka art-form and its iconography.

A little history...

Mr. Ratna Kazi Shakya, my father, is the proprietor of the Kumari Thangkas Gallery and has worked with Thangkas for over 30 years. He has collected varied and beautiful Thangkas, Mandalas and Paubas. The idea behind the Thangka Mandala Art Gallery began 2 years ago, when I meticulously began to photograph and catalog the different paintings with the primary objective: create a Blog.

One of the things that I found as I was browsing and searching the internet for Thangkas, was a lack of truthful information backed by visual references.

It is important to remember that any and all Thangkas are visual representations of the divine.

Why Thangka-Mandala?

The popularity of Thangka art has grown with time and its arrival on the internet has created a new medium for Thangka Art to propagate. Although we are new to the e-Gallery business we have progressed for more than 3 decades in Thangka Art and have always taken great pride in providing quality art to collectioners and devotees.

Our long standing relationship with many of the great Thangka painters has allowed us to aquire a beautiful and unique collection of Mandalas, Paubas and Thangkas - which has gain notoriety in Asia, Europe and the Americas. We work with artists from various parts of the Himalayas. 

Thangka Art Today

Creating a truly beautiful Thangka is a lengthy process that requires skill, patience and knowledge.

Thangkas are first and foremost depictions of the divine that offer a insight into the divine perfection. The modern Thangka has sadly become an industry, with cheap reproductions slowly becoming the norm.

While many sites and galleries will proudly say they produce original Thangkas, the truth is that very few of the Thangkas they sell can be considered original. An original Thangka being a Thangka that respects the iconographic rules and is painted with some degree of religious know-how.

We garantee that our Paubas and Thangkas respect the know-how of many of the great masters.

What we do

Every Thangka that you see on Thangka-Mandala is hand painted and unique. There are various degrees of quality in Thangka Art and quite often the price is a reflection of the quality. Here at Thangka Mandala we have created an e-Gallery where even a small budget will be able to buy a beautiful Thangka. As we suggest to many clients who visit us in person - never compromise on quality - perhaps a smaller painting would better suit the budget.

Devotees may want a specific deity that may not be available on our website, but I can assure you it is available in our archives, We have over 10,000 paintings in stock!

Thangka Mandala truly hope that you enjoy your visit of our Gallery -please feel free to Contact us is you have any questions or special requests.

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